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Healthy shopping plan designed by GPs

Healthy Food


A 3 month healthy shopping plan to help teach you how to make the right food choices.  

My Healthy Basket is a food shop planning service created by General Practitioners to help combat the current obesity epidemic in the United Kingdom.  We work in conjunction with leading supermarkets to influence the diet of the population.

Our plan is a brand new concept which turns the idea of a diet plan into a shopping plan. To put it simply - we plan your food shopping for your household. My Healthy Basket tackles the cause of obesity from the source - removing temptation during your food shop and instead planning your weekly food requirements and delivering your food straight to you. 

Each week customers receive a healthy, balanced and varied shopping delivery. Your food shop will be tailored to your requirements including budget, number of household members and any dietary requirements. We provide simple recipe ideas aimed at encouraging basic cooking skills with a focus on promoting long term lifestyle change. 

Our plan is not a fad diet. We are passionate about a healthy balanced diet and the positive impact this can have on people throughout their whole life.  

 We aim to address the factors that lead to poor food choices and aim to teach you how to make better food shopping choices. With our holistic approach there is no temptation to buy unhealthy products, worry about meal plans or stress about complex recipes.  It's time to improve your diet, reduce food waste, save money, save time and overhaul your lifestyle. 



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