How food changes your health

Healthy food isn't just about weight loss. Our knowledge of how diet shapes health is constantly evolving. From reduction in cardiovascular disease like strokes and heart attacks to lowering long term cancer risk, there are so many hidden benefits from what we eat that are often overlooked by weight loss based dieting. Keeping up with the changes in nutritional recommendations is complex and patients will ask us frequently about what foods they should be eating and what should they be avoiding - if only it were that simple. 

Achieving a balanced diet that works for our busy lifestyle is not easy. There are so many pitfalls, from time constraints to cooking skill. Unfortunately so much of the diet and healthy living industry is targeted towards quick fixes and radical change. This isn't constructive to long term habits. Sometimes we need more guidance and more ongoing support.

My Healthy Basket aims to shape the whole way you think about food. By selecting the food for your household, as well as guiding you on how to prepare meals, we aim to change your eating habits longer term. Our diet will provide you with a varied range of protein from animal and plant sources, healthy fats, wholemeal carbohydrates and foods rich in fibre. 

We also recognise that what we eat isn't just three meals a day. Our eating patterns vary and we need snacks to keep us going. We aim to change the way you snack as well your main meals to keep your energy levels up and your healthy living on track. 

Image by The New York Public Library

Looking at the bigger picture

As well as improving your lifestyle we also think about the planet. We look to use organic fruit and vegetables, free range meat and sustainable fish where possible.