My healthy basket has got me thinking healthy food now.Its exciting to see what arrives in my weekly shop delivery.No rubbish food in my cupboards now.Different recipe ideas come weekly or I can create my own recipes from the varied shop.I would definitely recommend if you want to get into the healthy food mode.I have been doing this for a few weeks now and have lost a few pounds in weight along the way.That's always a bonus for me.
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SO, North West England

I started using My Healthy Basket after a personal recommendation. It's proving ideal for my lifestyle. I have heavy work commitments and I found that food shopping was an after-thought leading to too many pound-piling takeaways and stodgy comfort food suppers. Now I get a varied weekly shop delivered that is tasty and goof for me. The useful and simple recipe suggestions are quick and easy to follow but I don't have to go with them if I fancy something else. I have to say I'm feeling better for it and have lost a few pounds already.




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